Is crowdfunding a platform that real estate’s waiting for?

August 20, 2017|KangHo Chong If developed to its full potential, property crowdfunding could become a key agent that reduces the inefficiencies of property trading and funding, while providing much needed liquidity to the real estate industry. According to Savills Global Research April 2017, real estate is a huge asset class that is worth $228 trillion... Continue Reading →


How regulating ICOs could transform Property Crowdfunding further

Author: Keevin Kong Recently both the US Securities and Exchange Commission and Monetary Authority of Singapore have singled out ICOs or Initial Coin Offerings as possible issuance of securities or Collective Investment Schemes. Therefore, moving forward, issuers of tokens or coins that have an asset or investment angle will have to comply with regulations to... Continue Reading →

Retail malls: Rest in peace? Not so soon …

The rising penetration of online retail sales has dampened the occupancy and rental prospects of physical retail malls. This has led to many observers to question their relevance. Some are even predicting their demise and that there’s no future for them. We think contrary to this. We believe physical malls are here to stay, and they still have a role to play. However, it will not be business as usual. Malls will need to reinvent themselves, evolve, and find ways to complement online retailing. There will be fresh rounds of consolidation, new partnerships and new strategies. There will be winners and losers. The market may also rethink ways to assess mall values and rents.

Land market – Bid to win, or bid to try your luck?

Developers often enter into land bids with different strategies. They may aggressively “bid to win”, especially when their landbank has been depleted. Other times, they may choose to bid low, just to try their luck, hoping that no one else bids above them. Very often, these strategies will lead to different outcomes for their profit margins.

DimSum Chat with Dr Boaz Boon: Design Thinking, and its relevance to the real estate market

We had a wonderful chat session with Dr Boaz Boon, Director of VestAsia and Founder & Principal of Thred, Singapore. Dr Boon was also ex-Capitaland, where he led the research, innovation and training teams at the Group. Hear what Dr Boon says about Design Thinking, how it originated, how has it been adopted in industries,... Continue Reading →

Dim Sum Chat with Mr Alan Cheong of Savills, Singapore : Outlook discussion on Singapore residential, office and retail sectors for 2017/18

We recently caught up wih Mr Alan Cheong, Senior Director of Research & Consultancy, Savills Singapore. Join us as we discuss about Singapore property. For private residential, where are home prices headed, does Alan agree with the market consensus of a huge oversupply, and why new launches tend to be more resilient than resale market?... Continue Reading →

Y-series: 5 reasons why conservation shop-houses in Singapore remain popular among investors

Summary: Despite low gross yields of 2% to 2.5% on average, conservation shop-houses in Singapore remain sought after among wealthy individuals, family offices and institutional funds. We believe this is because of their limited supply, historical value, prime locations, revamp potential, and less stringent buyer requirements (no restriction on foreign ownership nor ABSD, unless there... Continue Reading →

Y-Series: 5 reasons why Sihanoukville is a growth city in the making Summary: Sea-fronting Sihanoukville is emerging as a credible growth city of the future due to a confluence of structural factors such as owning the only deep water port in Cambodia, development of its Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone with China, possessing a premium beach-side tourist attraction, having its own international airport, and improved ground... Continue Reading →

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