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Investing in real estate, especially cross border projects, has been traditionally available only to investors that are equipped with more astute real estate knowledge, network and financial resources, such as institutional investors. For many people, the high barrier of entry real estate investments restricts them to standard investment instruments such as REITs or physical assets such as buying individual properties.

Established in Singapore, DimSum Property Pte. Ltd. is a MAS licensed securities broker that specializes in deals across the entire real estate value chain. DimSum Property is designed to reinvent investors’ access to real estate deals (development projects, real estate investment, real estate technology) by leveraging our strong network across the real estate value chain.

We aim to narrow this knowledge gap for our investor group through our well-researched content, expand their investment exposure through opportunities across the value chain, lower their entry barriers to projects through smaller bite-sized (“dim-sum”) quantum, and enhance transaction deal efficiencies through fin-tech innovation.

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by focusing our investment search efforts in real estate ecosystem players that operate along the real estate value chain, across Asia, and by providing due diligence and timely proprietary research on the projects. At the same time, we will disrupt traditional investment distribution channels by delivering a platform that increases investor involvement, activism and social engagement to bring the investor experience to the 21st century.

Our Team

kangho headshotKang Ho, Chong CFA

CEO & Co-founder

Kang Ho is the CEO and co-founder of DimSum Property Pte Ltd, and his role centres on property deal sourcing and client management. Prior to heading DimSum Property Kang Ho was the Head of Research, South East Asia, for BNP Paribas Investment Bank Asia, specializing in ASEAN property research.

keevin headshotKeevin Kong

COO & Co-founder

Keevin is the COO and co-founder of DimSum Property. He manages the application of technology to finance as well as the operations of the private fund-raising set-up. He is also instrumental in ensuing our compliance and processes are conducted in the highest standards in accordance with the MAS. Before co-founding DimSum Property, he was a proprietary trader at Propex and Maybank Kim Eng.

kenneth headshotKenneth Lee

CTO & Co-founder

Kenneth’s role involves facilitating fund-raising on real estate technology providers, as well as designing fintech-driven innovation on our platform. Kenneth is also a veteran in the technology landscape in Asia, having co-founded several cutting edge technology firms in China, Taiwan, Singapore and Vietnam. These companies cut across a wide spectrum of industries and solutions which includes semiconductor manufacturing, enterprise software systems and e-commerce.

Our Y-Series

Investing in real estate can be a fulfilling experience. To bring you our “Y-series” articles, our investment team travels across Asia on a regular basis to visit property sites and interact with various ecosystem players. They range from upstream players such as technology, design and green-efficient providers, to mid-downstream players such as developers, landlords, and property managers.

Through our “Y-series” articles, we aim to present our findings and raise interesting questions on real estate (i.e. the “whys” or “Ys”). More importantly, we seek to uncover new investment opportunities, analyse disruptive trends from sharing economies and digital marketplaces, as well as track the rise of One Belt One Road initiatives that impact real estate.

Our DimSum Chat

It is important to keep learning from real estate practitioners and experts. Through our “DimSum Chat” sessions, we have the privilege of chatting with them face-to-face, and then present to you in Q&A format. We hope to gain more insights on their work, learn new opportunities in real estate, and understand where they think the sector might be headed.

Whether it is about the evolution of the real estate ecosystem, solutions to housing needs in growing cities, disruptive trends from new economies, or the rise of One Belt One Road that impact real estate, we want to share this bonanza of real estate knowledge with you, through “DimSum Chat”!


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