DimSum Chat with Dr Boaz Boon: Design Thinking, and its relevance to the real estate market

We had a wonderful chat session with Dr Boaz Boon, Director of VestAsia and Founder & Principal of Thred, Singapore. Dr Boon was also ex-Capitaland, where he led the research, innovation and training teams at the Group. Hear what Dr Boon says about Design Thinking, how it originated, how has it been adopted in industries,... Continue Reading →


Dim Sum Chat with Mr Alan Cheong of Savills, Singapore : Outlook discussion on Singapore residential, office and retail sectors for 2017/18

We recently caught up wih Mr Alan Cheong, Senior Director of Research & Consultancy, Savills Singapore. Join us as we discuss about Singapore property. For private residential, where are home prices headed, does Alan agree with the market consensus of a huge oversupply, and why new launches tend to be more resilient than resale market?... Continue Reading →

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